Welcome to
True Power Outreach

True Power Outreach is dedicated to helping people recognize, and access, the true power within themselves to change the world, and bring the ideal of peace on earth into reality.

Our world is caught up in the illusions of false power.  We believe that power is synonymous with brute force, material possessions, celebrity, and the domination and oppression of animals, the earth, and other humans.


The ONLY True Power is LOVE (GOD)

We are all given a special purpose to fulfill on this earth.

But we all, ultimately, have the same purpose:  to learn how to love. 

But not just how to love; how to BECOME love.

It is impossible and absurd to speak of, much less realize, the ideal of peace on earth as long as we continue to harm other living beings, and as long as we continue to try to justify that harm.

True Power Outreach seeks to help people remember their true purpose here on earth, and practice true power in their lives, by promoting a Pacitarian way of life as a turning point for manifesting a harmonious existence for ALL beings.