True Power Outreach is here to help actively promote and create a world vision of TRUE peace; one where all beings are treated with respect and dignity and honored as the sacred and magnificent beings that they are.  

Through various programs and events we plan on spreading the word about the Pacitarian movement (a group of people dedicated to the realization of peace for ALL beings) and therefore create a community that will ultimately change the world! A world where one day soon, we will all recognize that the only true power is LOVE.

True Power Outreach Offers:

1. Group prayer and Meditations for creating peace on a personal and global level

The power of personal and group visualized and spoken prayer really DOES change the world!  Join us online, and in person and we WILL create a better world together.  There will also be numerous discussions of the healing power of working with Angels to enhance your life and the world around you.  

At True Power Outreach our goal is to to create a common universal spiritual language that everyone can speak regardless of their religious or cultural background.  Anyone and everyone can say the prayers that we pray because they are non-denominational.  It is our goal to pray for humans and animals equally according to the latest Global and local issues.

Our Facebook Page will be a large forum for many of these prayers.  We will encourage people to have a daily prayer list on this page for all beings that are in need of prayer.

2. Leafleting at Colleges and Special Events

Help us spread the word about Pacitarianism  (the rights of all beings to enjoy perfect peace on earth) by leafleting with us at select schools and events. Meet other like minded people, and join our community!

3. Participating in Animal Rescue Efforts and Humanitarian Issues  True Power outreach will act as an advocate for those that cannot speak for themselves.  We will speak out and nullify injustice by informing the public, writing and signing petitions, and being a part of a positive movement towards change.

4. Sunday Outreach for motivated and inspired individuals

Pick a Sunday, and visit a local church, synagogue, or place of worship (or YOUR place of worship) and talk to the worship leader about the importance of adopting a non-violent, plant-based diet as a crucial catalyst for the realization of world peace, and as a way of honoring God's love for all creation.

Encourage the worship leader to speak to their congregation about the rights of all beings to enjoy perfect peace, and give the worship leader leaflets from The Christian Vegetarian Association, Mercy for Animals, and P.E.T.A. These organizations will send them to you for free.

Always remember to be respectful and realize that some people will not be open to your message at this time, but know that you have planted a positive seed of awareness that can't help but grow into something good!

Please e-mail us, or call us, and tell us how it goes and where you went.  If you need any suggestions or encouragement, we are here for you!